Stefan Bauer / Vadim Neselovskyi
Vibes / Piano

Neselovskyi & Bauer

Vibraphonist Stefan Bauer and pianist Vadim Neselovskyi first met during a tour with a nine piece ensemble.

Asked to play a couple of duo pieces the two musicians magically discovered that they have a natural rapport with each other; an intriguing effect of their musical dialogues on the audience was immediately evident.

Both are not only virtuosos on their instruments but inquisitive conceptualists and composers as well. Interestingly pianist Vadim has been playing with and writing for vibraphone legend Gary Burton for a number of years, who himself has set standards playing duo with Chick Corea.

But Bauer/Neselovskyi attempt something different. Their unique sound is a reflection of their geographic wanderlust, their individual experiences and their European roots. 

Both have lived in Dortmund/Germany (albeit at different times), both now live in Brooklyn, NY.